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>> i choose to amend the motion, to include a limit of two months for a cochair-appointed replacement. >> should we say, not to exceed two consecutive meetings? m d c meetings. c>> chair: do you approve of that friendly amendment? councilmember wilson seconds the friendly amendment. everyone is clear? public comment? all in favor of the amendment proposal please raise your right hand and say aye. any opposed? abstained?
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that was not very painful. (laughter) we have a few more items. we are running short on time. is there any potential for extended time today? five minutes. thank you. the next item is a report from the disability disaster preparedness committee. >> thank you cochair parsons. >> chair: delivered by councilmember senhaux. >> disability disaster preparedness committee met on friday. there was a follow-up discussion on the shakeout activities that took place in october 18 and a disability
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specific activities. the mayor's disability council conducted an activation deal with the sou partners by text messaging the identifying contacts. the results were impressive. there was 100% response within 12 hours. we also discussed the civic center evacuation drill on october 25, about 10 buildings in the civic center area evacuated including city hall, the department of public health, and the war memorial building. as part of the evacuation drill, an ada portion the place as well where buildings that had to evacuate people with disabilities and use the evacuation chairs. the activity went well but it highlighted some areas of further staff training with the mayor's office and disability will follow up on. update on the planning efforts on the golden guardian, disaster exercise in may 2013,
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there was discussion to establish a timeframe from the project and further develop the deal for including participation of people with disabilities in the exercise. one of the main objectives of the exercise was to see how effective -- the shelter plan will work. there was discussion of the committee to limit the scope of the exercise for best results. we discussed the fema innovation challenge grant. we propose to project to develop a disaster preparedness plan. mld will be dubbed five the results by the end of november. finally there was a lively discussion around disaster messaging.
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we look for examples of other messages from other jurisdictions. we looked at what was used for hurricane sandy. the goal was to ensure clear and effective disaster messaging to the public including the disability community. take a breath. several committee members have committed to do the above research and develop tax messaging samples for the committee to review at our next meeting. this concludes my ddpc report; i would like to remind members of the public and organizations that our group now meets the first friday of every other month; the next scheduled meeting is on january 4, 2013, 1-3:30 p.m. room 421 at city hall. we hope to see you there. >> chair: thank you very much. councilmember senhaux. our next item, report from the
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smpta, multi-motor accessibility advisory committee presented by councilmember wong. >> councilmember wong: today i will update the council and the public of two projects. podesta and accessible signals; -- provided information about pedestrian signals referred to as apc. special pedestrian pushbuttons at intersections to visually impaired, audible speech and tactile messages. apms are currently placed at 129 intersections.
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29 to be installed in the next 2-3 years. how aps are prioritized? crosswalk length program for visually impaired. city/public programs. proximity to transit facility. speed limit. examples of upcoming aps installation locations. 19th ave. and l inconln way. 25th ave. at - . sometimes people cannot hear the countdown. these devices can be adjusted
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by staff. number two, complete streets. this project is in early-stage. seeks to implement aesthetic and safety improvements or users of -- street between mcallister and union streets. in accordance with the city transit policy, improvements will primarily focus on - polk street. it is slated to be resurfaced and repaved sometime in 2015. saturday, december 1, 2012, an open house will reveal conceptual designs. time and location to be determined.
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the next sfmta meeting is scheduled for thursday, december 20, 2012, at sfmta headquarters located at -- the corner of south and -- 7th floor. i wish everybody a happy thanksgiving. thank you. >> chair: we have - we are skipping down public comment. seeing none. information items from staff? seeing none, item 14 is discussion item. i have one announcement. i would like to say quickly, ctap, who distributes accessible telephones the blind and deaf phones, they are
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located across the bay, they're coming to san francisco for distribution at the hearing and speech center on dec. 14th. this contact bob davies at the hearing and speech center if you would like to return your equipment. find out what equipment is available to you. we don't always have the opportunity in san francisco. is a great opportunity. it is a joint effort of the speech center and hearing loss association of san francisco. any other announcements? seeing none, may i suggest we adjourn. we are adjourned. (gavel)
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the chair has called the meeting to order. can you please turn your cell phones off as they tend to interfere with the audio equipment and can we please rise for the pledge of allegiance? i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation
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under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> mr. president, i would like to call roll. president mazzucco? >> present. >> vice president marshall? >> commissioner dejesus is excused. commissioner angela chang? >> present. >> commissioner kingsley? >> preponderant. >> commissioner turman is excused and commissioner loftus is excused. mr. president, you have a quorum also present with us is chief of police gregory suhr. and director of office of civil
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complaints miss joyce hicks. >> ladies and gentlemen welcome to our san francisco police commission meeting our first meeting in three weeks and this is our regularly scheduled community meeting. it's our opportunity to come to richmond station, and hear from the residents, and to hear from captain ferrigno with her presentation and what we usually do in these meetings of the commissioners introduce themselves and tell you what they do in their day jobs and we'll have a quick agenda where we hear our normal reports. then we'll move into the main event, which is captain ferrigno's report and after that we'll have public comment. so hopefully we'll hear from the community about your concerns, but without further ado i will start with commissioner kingsley. >> thank you. thank you to captain ferrigno and roosevelt middle school for hosting and thank you to those who are residents who came out this evening to be with us and
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to let us know what is on your mind. because that is what it's all about. so thank you. i have been on the police commission for a little over two years now. previously served on the ethics commission in san francisco. my day job is that of a business contracts mediator. i also on the board of law center to prevent gun violence. i have lived in san francisco most of my life and have raised my son here. thank you very much. >> and i am commissioner mazzucco. i'm a native san franciscan and my mother-in-law lives in the richmond district. i have raised my children in this city. my day job i an attorney, but for 19 years i was an assistant district attorney and also an assistant united states attorney. so i was in law enforcement for 19 years before going into private practice. and i played football at sacred heart high school with your
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lieutenant over in the corner. >> dr. joe marshall, and i am the co-founder and executive director of the omega boys club. >> hi there. my name is angela chang and i have been on the police commission for i believe two and a half year and i also want to thank captain ferrigno and roosevelt school for hosting us. i am often here in richmond and eating in the restaurants and excited to come here. i manage our council justice and work on language access issues, immigrant rights and also in the juvenile system and happy to be here and look forward to hearing public comment tonight. >> thank you, please call line item no. 1.
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>> i would like just to mention quickly that we do have a cantonese and mandarin interpreter available if anybody needs that during public comment. line item 1, adoption of minutes, action for the meeting of october 29th, september [#12*-7b8/], september 19th, october [#10*-7b8g/], october 17th, october 24th and november 7th, 2012. >> all of these meeting notes in your packet. i want to thank inspector monroe for putting those together. any corrections or changes and i will turn to commissioner chan? there are none. do i have a motion. >> move approval. >> sec. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> thank you very much, please call libe item no. 2? >> line item no. 2, reports to the commission, discussion. a, chief's report. review of recent activities.
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>> good evening >> i'm greg suhr, the chief of police of san francisco. we spent pretty much all of our time when we weren't in class studying in the restaurants and bars on geary street and clement street. if anybody ever wants any tips i could tell you where to go and you could help me out. i'm going to be relatively brief and defer my time to captain ferrigno, who actually i went to grammar school with. she was the may queen in 1972. [ laughter ] but i'm sure she will tell you more about that when she gets up here. it was quite an honor at st. brendan's. on november 19th we celebrated a dedication of the community garden -- i'm sorry, let me start with citywide crime stats.
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crime in san francisco, violent crime in san francisco remains down about 3%. despite the fact that we're down almost 300 police officers. however, through the efforts of commission, and mayor lee and cooperation with the board of supervisors, we do have a hiring plan. we are hiring right now. i will speak a little bit about our recruiting efforts at the end of my presentation. but for anybody that is watching on sfgov and wants to apply to be a san francisco police officer, if you live and work and/or go to school in san francisco, this is your city. and you know, we are a world-recognized police department. and we would love to have you, if you interested in helping people we are that police department and we would love to have you. violent crime is down about 3%. unfortunately property crime as we focus on violent crime is up about 10%. largely a lot of that is auto
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burglaries, the thefts of cell phones, electronic devices and we have been doing a safe-shopper campaign as we move into the holidays. please guard your cell phones when you are walking around and when you are shopping and/or coming home to and from work. please make sure you don't leave things visible in the passenger compartments of your cars. put them in the truck. don't get overladen with presents, so that everything makes it home. we are having a problem right now with property crime in san francisco. as far as events go, there was a memorial for bryan tuvarra who made the ultimate sacrifice about six years ago and there is a community garden dedicated to him. nirwho has the opportunity to be near the west side of the playground it's really a great,
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special place and remembers a fine officer. at the 49er game monday night, where the 49ers were victorious, they gave an american red cross award to tenderloin station and especially lieutenant ed kotta and he was very surprised and taken aback, but it was for the safe passage program getting kids in the tenderloin to and from kids that were recognized. we were activity during the holidays, going to the interfaith breakfast and congresswoman pelosi spoke. the st. anthony's turkey carving and we were given
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celebratory big mac cookie jars if anybody would like to see what those look like, you can come by the office. we did a community meeting in the mission district and there was some concern over the uptick in crimes and the general consulate in mexico convened the meeting and we had a great meeting and did a little bit of recruiting, because we found out that don't have another mayan-speaking officers and we have a burgeoning mayan -speaking population. the police department will be accepting applications online through friday, december 7th. over 500 people that put interest cards were solicited to complete their applications. the post website is running it and we have a ticker on kgo and the bone. we're working with chinese
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television and chinese media, hispanic media kiqi is going something. we have talked to the colleges and universities. 1300 applications were submitted on the very first day, which overwhelmed the actual hr website, which actually happened last year. so we still have great interest and there were several outreach efforts across the city. i don't want to take all the good captain's time, but we're comfortable we'll get a big applicant pool and i would encourage those watching on sfgovtv if you know those
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interested in helping people being involved in an engaged police department that wants to make the city safer we're that police department. the pay and benefits are outstanding. and i think that again you would be joining a world-class organization. and i will defer the rest of my time to the good captain. i think there is more stuff. >> please call the next item line item 2b. >> 2b occ's director report, review of recent activities. >> thank you. good evening president mazzucco, commissioners.
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chief suhr, captain ferrigno, and members of richmond district community. i am joyce hicks, the director of the san francisco office of civil complaints. also here this evening is senior investigator eric balatzarmeted the office of civil complaints is the third largest oversight agency and only surpasses size by new york and chicago civilian oversight agencies. the office of civil complaints was created by a board of supervisors-sponsored chapter amendment in the 1982 and the office became operational in 1983. we are 30 years old. the occ was originally an office in the san francisco police department. but it was later placed under
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the jurisdiction of the police commission. the police commission is also a civilian body. the occ's function is to assist the police department in building trust with the community by being a bridge between the public and police in matters of misconduct and police policies. to that end the occ has a mission to ensure police accountability by conducting fair, timely and unbiased investigations, making recommendations on police polices and practices and conducting mediations between complainants and the police. the office of civil complaints investigators complaints against san francisco police officers and makes policy recommendations on san francisco police department polices. in california, law enforcement agencies must have a procedure to investigation complaints by members of public against
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peace officers. the occ serves that purpose for the san francisco police department. our office is staffed by a diverse group of civilians who have never been san francisco police officers. the office has a 35-member staff, the majority of whom are investigators. and the balance of staff consists of attorneys and support staff. what we do is we conduct investigations to find out what happened. we follow the evidence by interviewing the person who brought the complaint, the involved police officers and civilian witnesses. we have subpoena power to compel testimony and obtain evidence. we also obstain additional evidence in the form of documentation that is generated by the department. we visit the site of the alleged occurrence and we may take photographs of places or
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persons. we have a goal to complete our investigations within nine months. and with limited exceptions we must complete our investigations within a year. when we complete an investigation, we make a finding of whether the complained of conduct violated any police department rules or local, state or federal laws. we have a standard of proof that is the preponderance of evidence and that means the probability that the complaint of conduct occurred is more likely than not, that is the probability is greater than 50%. if we do find after investigation that an officer violated a rule, we will forward a complaint to chief suhr for further action. chief suhr can impose discipline up to ten days' of suspension and the police commission has jurisdiction
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over greater discipline, that is discipline greater than ten days' suspension. in addition to investigating complaints of misconduct the occ provides mediation as an alternative to discipline. last year the occ facilitated 61 mediations, that represent 7% of the 846 cases we closed last year. when we conduct a mediation it allows the complainants to resolve issues with the accused officer in person, in a dispute-resolution format. and the goal of mediations is to bring the involved parties together in an effort to achieve mutual understanding. we have a partnership with community boards in the san francisco bar association, so that we can provide neutral mediators for our mediation program. our mediations can be and have been conducted in languages other than english.
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our mediation program is voluntary, which means that both the officer and the complainant must agree to mediate. the police department's participation in the mediation program is 90% of those officers who are eligible to mediate. and the office of civil complaints won an award this year from community boards for excellent and alternative dispute resolution practices. i will share a few statistics with you about the complaints that the occ received last year and how we resolved those complaints. in 2011, the occ received 784 complaints. it's an 8% reduction over the prior year when we received 854 complaints. last year we sustained allegations in 7% of the cases
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we closed. we found proper conduct in 25% of the allegations we investigate and we found that 4% of the allegations were not true. the largest percentage of allegations we received were for one warranted actions followed by conduct reflecting discredit and allegations of unnecessary force comprised 10% of the allegations. but in those unnecessary force allegations, they only comprised 2% of the findings where we found misconduct. in 2011, approximately 28% of complainant were african-americans, another 18% declined to state their race. asian americans comprised 5%, latinos 13% and native-american and pacific islanders, 1%.

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